Rancheras 8.99

Two cheese enchiladas topped with chicken. Served with guacamole salad and rice.

Supreme 9.79

Consists of four enchiladas — one chicken, one beef, one cheese and one bean. All topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.

Verdes 9.59

Three rolled, corn tortillas filled with shredded beef and topped with special tomatillo sauce. Served with guacamole, lettuce and rice.

Trio 9.99

One chicken, one beef and one cheese enchilada topped with three different sauces, one red, one green and one cheese sauce. Served with rice and sour cream.

Spinach & Chicken 9.99

Three grilled chicken enchiladas covered in a savory sweet and spicy poblano sauce. Served with rice.

Chipotle 11.99

One shredded beef, one ground beef and one chicken enchilada topped with chipotle sauce and sour cream. Served with rice.

La Paz 11.99

Three enchiladas filled with crab meat and shrimp covered with cheese and cooked with vegetables. Served with rice.

Enchiladas Suizas 10.99

three chicken enchiladas covered with a tomatillo-based sauce, slice of avocado, lime and marinated onions. Served with rice.

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